Retiring in Costa Rico

Did you mean Costa Rica or Puerto Rico? Costa Rico does not exist, but it is often searched by people that mix up the names Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

Costa Rica borders Panama and Nicaragua on the Central American mainland. Puerto Rico is an island between the Caribbean and the Atlantic, it is located between the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands.

The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose and the capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. To add to the confusion the names of the airports in the capitals are similar. The one in San Jose is called Juan Santamaria International Airport and the one in San Juan is called San Juan International Airport.

The airport codes are very similar as well, SJO for Juan Santa Maria International Airport in San Jose, and SJU for the San Juan International Airport in San Juan.

If you were looking for retirement information on Costa Rica you will find it on this website. In case you were looking for information on Puerto Rico we are sorry, you will have to search again.

If you were really thinking of retiring in Costa Rico you will have to reschedule!