Overseas Property Investment - Tips For Maximizing Your Profits

by Sacha Tarkovsky

Overseas property investment is more popular than ever. You can make triple digit gains and many investors do, but many lose heavily, so what seperates winners from losers?

Here we are going to give you tips for overseas property investment that will help you enter the small minority who make the big profits and make your overseas property investment a success.

Here are your 4 tips for overseas property investment success

1. Look for best price in terms of risk - reward

Many people when trying overseas property investment simply look for the cheapest price they can find and assume that prices will go up in value and they make all sorts of projections but thats all they are projections and not based on reality.

In most instances the cheapest properties do have high profit potential if the market takes off, but in most instances they don't.

Many investors find their overseas property investment was cheap when they bought it but gets cheaper!

The way to avoid this sceario is to buy property that may not be the cheapest but has the best potential for reward in relation to risk.

This means buying a market that has taken off is attracting investment and has a track record.

2. Buy a trend in motion

Investors in any market to do with money know that "a trend in motion should be bought" and this applies to overseas property investment.

Regardless, of whether you are buying a villa, a vacation home, or a condo, you want the location you buy to be rising in value.

It's a fact that if you have a property trend in motion its likely to last for decades, as steady and rising investment attracts more investment.

For example, in Central America Costa Rica has been the leader for years and many investors have made 30 - 100% profits annually.

Many investors however have decided there is more potential in "newer markets" such as Honduras, Belize or Nicaragua, but the risk is higher and a long term trend is NOT Established.

Costa Rica has huge established expat community and record investment and the fact that a huge community exists means it's popular and will grow.

Will potentially unstable and poorer countries come to rival it? Maybe, but you are buying potential and NOT a long established trend.

It's for each investor to decide how much risk they want to take in their overseas property investments - A proven market with solid gains and an emerging market with higher risk reward.

Keep in mind that with most new overseas property investment hot spots they remain "hot" for a while and quietly die.

3. Be careful with location

No matter what country you make your overseas property investment in, don't buy unless you are buying near developments or infrastructure that will see real estate values rise in price.

Don't buy in an area you think will become popular. Buy in an area you know WILL become popular as it's either near new infrastructure such as roads, marina's etc, or near resorts that are likely to expand.

4. Make sure you know the country

Is it stable, how popular is it, what are your rights?

When buying you need to do a complete review and make sure it's a safe and stable market for you to invest in.

Get a good realtor with solid track record to help you and don't try and save by doing your own legal work!

Get an attorney who knows the law and make sure your overseas property investment is done correctly.

Tips to maximize rewards

The 4 tips above for overseas property investment will allow you maximise your rewards and minimize your risks.

You can make more by not following these tips!

The above tips in overseas property investment are ONLY for investors who want solid rewards with low risk - not pioneers who want to take chances.

Be a pioneer if you wish, many made huge gains but remember most took arrows!