Young, hot Latinas and old men in Costa Rica

Besides the climate, the nature, the cheaper cost of living and the beautiful beaches there is something else that attracts retirees to settle down in Costa Rica. Visit San Jose and you are guaranteed to see at least one happy old guy with a sexy and much younger girl.

For many retirees it is tempting to move to a foreign country where you get more for your money and can find a young local woman to share your life with. They get their Social Security checks, go where life is cheaper and start over with a new partner. In real live it is not without it's downsides to have a much younger partner with a different cultural background, but on the other hand there are numerous couples that seem to be happy. Fact is that all successful relationships require some work.

Dating a younger attractive girl can be a challenge. A lot of time it's the remarks from those who disapprove, for whatever reason, that make it difficult. A common prejudice is: He is just in for the sex and she just wants his money. Some narrow minded individuals assume that older men are some kind of sick perverts for dating women so much younger than themselves. But it is not fair to tar everyone with the same brush.

Young girls often justify their decision, that they prefer dating an older men for they maturity, financial stability and wisdom. People with a different view claim that younger guys may be the better fit, because they are sexier, more youthful and on a similar stage of life.

Young men have more stamina in the bedroom than older men, not to mention that younger men are usually in better physical health than older men. But a significantly younger partner is less likely to be stable, especially in terms of his career (his own career might still be taking off) and financial status.

Every person has a right to choose their own life partner. For some an attractive young Latina is the right partner.