Costa Rica Property - 4 Reasons It Will Continue To Soar In Value

by Sacha Tarkovsky

Costa Rica property prices continue to soar in value and many investors have been doubling their investments annually. Can this continue? The answer is yes and this can make you some great profits with low risk and we all want that!

Costa Rica property investment does have rivals such as Honduras, Belize and Nicaragua but these markets simply dot offer the same risk reward.

Lets look at why Costa Rica property prices will continue to soar in value.

1. Its an established market

Costa Rica property prices have been soaring for 10 years and it has become a mature market. While many investors think that prices can't go higher, they can.


Quite simply, there is a track record of growth and all the factors that were present 10 years ago driving prices higher are still there, in fact their set to accelerate.

Investment is at record highs and rising and this will continue to drive prices higher.

2. Rewards are high and risk is low

The major attraction of Costa Rica property is the opportunity to buy property that is 70% less than in the southern US states in a beautiful and stable country.

Many investors however are thinking well if Costa Rica has taken off, maybe they should buy one of its neighbours like Nicaragua.

Prices are cheaper so upside will be higher.

This is totally incorrect. A new emerging market may take off but most don't, you can buy property cheap but it's cheap for a reason!

When buying property you don't want to buy the cheapest, this is a mugs game.

You want to buy competitively prized property, with low downside risk and great upside potential and that's exactly what Costa Rica property offers you.

If you want double digit annual gains with low downside risk then Costa Rica property can give it to you.

3. It has an established expat community

If people are looking at buying for investment, second or retirement property, they will look for who else is investing and living in the country from their own nation.

Once an expat community starts to establish and grow it attracts other expats. Many people like living in country where they are the only ones, but most don't.

Americans and Canadians in particular come to Costa Rica because the locals are friendly and they have their own community as well, to make them feel at home.

4. Outside Factors - The major one to drive prices

Consider this

The baby boomer generation is coming to retirement age and are faced with this scenario:

Most will not be able to have the same standard of living their used to now. State support is less medical care costs are high, their living longer and they haven't saved enough!

So what will they do? Many are already seeing Costa Rica as a way to maintain and improve their standard of living (just 3 hours from the US) and their buying Costa Rica property in ever increasing numbers

The baby boomers as they retire now will accelerate the upward trend in Costa Rica property prices and this is an opportunity for some double digit profits with low risk.