Costa Rica Crime Rate - Lowest in Latin America Again

by David Lovendahl

Crime is a factor that stays directly proportional to a growing urban settlement. This alone explains why Costa Rica has a very low crime rate. Most of the crime that takes place is typically petty theft. Violent crime is almost unheard of. Costa Rica is considered to be a very safe place inhabited by warm and friendly people.

Even worldwide terrorism hasn’t posed a threat to Costa Rica. And though the crime rate has increased over the last 30 years, it is still positioned well below the level of other countries. The reason behind it is because of the growing urban settlement.

But the smaller towns in Costa Rica have a crime rate that’s even lower than the meager occurrences in the comparatively larger cities. A certain population of Nicaraguans though, who formerly served in the military, find the local police an easy target, and so does a small number of violent bands that moved in from Colombia and Venezuela. However, their chief targets are banks and other financial organizations and not the common people living in Costa Rica. The government is working toward eradicating these groups and have taken care to stop illegal drug trafficking, which is guaranteed to pull down the rates even lower.

The crime rate in the land of Costa Rica is quite low when compared it with the other countries in Latin America. People, especially tourists, hardly ever fall victim. In spite of this, standard precautions always apply so keep these few safety measures in mind. Never leave luggage unattended, don’t wear too much jewelry, keep important documentation in secure places, and do not carry excess amounts of cash and avoid the dangerous areas.

Now, a crime free society is every person’s dream but sadly, it doesn’t happen everywhere in the world. Therefore, the peace and tranquility one can obtain here certainly make it inviting to those who wish to retire or invest in foreign land.