What Makes Costa Rica So Attractive?

The climate of Costa Rica is very convincing! The average temperature in the Central Valley is 72 degrees, it’s not too hot and not too cold. One can dress in lightweight clothing year-round. People who like it hotter may consider areas in a lower elevation. Or people who prefer colder temperature might prefer some of the mountain areas of Costa Rica, there is something for everyone. The country has many micro climates, check them out before settling down somewhere.

In addition to the year round spring-like weather in the Central Valley it is much less likely that Costa Rica gets hit my a hurricane.

Costa Rica has the largest percentage of middle class in Latin America. This is a big difference to the neighboring countries. Affordability of living in countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala might be less, but quality of life is not the same. Costa Rica offers a low cost health care system, inexpensive housing, national English newspapers and a laid back way of life. Costs for electricity and water are much lower than in the States. Internet connections are widely available, in remote they are not always available.

It is possible to live a good live in Costa Rica on a modest retirement income. When adjusts their lifestyle a bit to the local lifestyle, and figures out where the locals by their food etc. This way it is easily possible to spend considerably less than in the USA for example. Living costs in neighboring countries are lower, but this comes with other deficits. There is more crime and fewer infrastructure. Costa Rica is politically stable. Events in the resent past have shown that countries like Nicaragua and Guatemala are still as stable as Costa Rica.

The medical care is affordable and quality of health care is comparable to first world countries.

The cost of rent and household is lower than in most parts of the US.

In sum there are many arguments for Costa Rica. But it might not be for everyone! English is not spoken by everyone and there is crime and poverty. It is a foreign country and one needs to adapt.