Cost Of Meat In Costa Rica

Apart from a huge variety of vegetables and fruits, Costa Rica definitely has good meats! Usually it is sliced thin, but you can get your on cuts at the supermarket or the butcher. When possible, buy from the butchers counter not the pre-packaged section. You will likely have to ask your butcher for extra thick cuts.

Auto Mercado is a good source for meats.

Prices from October 16. 2011

Prices in Colones ¢
Prices in $ USD based on an exchange rate of 508 ¢ = 1$ USd
Boneless chicken
1 kilo
¢ 2600.00
Whole chicken
1 kilo
¢ 1795.00
Pork chops
1 kilo
¢ 3872.50
Beef steak
1 kilo
¢ 3530.00